Our Vision

We will be the best appliance company as measured by our customers, employees, shareholders and the planet.

Our Values

Passion for innovation.

Passion for innovation. Innovation is the key to our success. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and new, better ways to go forward. We are not afraid of taking risks. An innovation may be anything new and different that improves the customer experience or otherwise benefits the customer. Accordingly, we encourage innovation and creativity not only in products and services but equally much in processes, human resources management and business models. The customer remains the focal point of all innovation.

Customer obsession.

Customer obsession. Customers may be end users, retail partners and professional users. Their wants, wishes and views guide our actions. To get – and keep – satisfied customers we have to do more than just sell products they want. We have to anticipate their future needs. We have to make it easy for them to deal with us. We must earn their business every day, and take care of them through the whole buying process, including after sales. They must never leave our minds.

Drive for results.

Drive for results. We strive for a visible, measurable benefit from everything we do. We do not confuse effort with results, and value matters more to us than mere volume. We focus on the essential and aim at simple, informal, lean and direct ways of doing things. We know what we must accomplish and understand how our own role contributes to achieving objectives. We make every effort to surpass objectives and our own past performance.